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Name Code Type
Literature Culture and Society LE2109 Module
Strategy Marketing & Sales LBM603 Module
Academic Effectiveness BD003 Module
Age and Regenerative Medicine BI4ARM Module
AI: Vision and Reality CS4710 Module
Algorithmic and Computational Mathematics AM4ACM Module
Analysing Written and Spoken Discourse 1 LEM1000 Module
Analytical Biochemistry BC2001 Module
Applied & Industrial Biochemistry BC2002 Module
Applied Biotechnology BI4ABT Module
Applied Management Accounting BF2224MU Module
Applied Management Accounting BF2224 Module
Applied Research BEE239 Module
Artificial Neural Networks AM40AN Module
Aston Edge BPG124 Module
Atomic Nuclear Physics AP4ANP Module
Audiological Assessment and Management NS2AM1 Module
Audit Governance and Company Law BF2220MU Module
Banking and Financial Services Regulation BLM175 Module
Biochemistry Key Skills II BC2003 Module
Biochemistry, Cell Biology and Genetics for Neuroscience NE1009 Module
Biological and Biochemical Science Foundations SE0BBS Module
Biomedical Engineering Research Project BE4RP1 Module
British Society through Film and Television LA1506 Module
Business Model Generation BB0BMG Module
Business Tax BF2264MU Module
Cell and Molecular Biology BI4CMB Module
Cell Membranes and Energy Generation BC2004 Module
Chinese IBE I LX1006 Module
Chinese IBE II LX2002 Module
Computational Problem Solving EE1PSC Module
Contemporary Britain: from the Boer War to Brexit LQ1003 Module
Course and Materials Design LEM101 Module
Crafting and delivering customer value BMM665 Module
Crafting Strategy BPG122C Module
Creating and Delivering Customer Value BPG122A Module
Creating Effective Teams BD002 Module
Current Issues in Global Audit and Assurance BFM256 Module
Dashboards and Spreadsheets BN2206 Module
Data Science Programming AM40DP Module
Data Science Programming DS40DP Module
DataVisualisation BN2207 Module
Descriptive Analytics BNK454 Module
Developing Managerial Skill in Context (3.5YR) BDC204 Module
Developing Managerial Skill in Context (3.5YR) BDC101B Module
Developing Managerial Skill in Context (3YR) BDC101 Module
Developing New Products and Services BB0DPS Module
Developmental Psychology LSS0DP Module
e-Business BB0EBS Module
Electrical Principles EE1EPR Module
Electronic Engineering Fundamentals EE1FUN Module
Engineering a Sustainable Future SE0ESF Module
Engineering materials ME2019MU Module
Engineering Projects EE1EP Module
Engineering Projects EE1EPJ Module
English Language Across Time and Space LE1100 Module
Enterprise Creation BD001 Module
Essential Laboratory Skills BI4PDR Module
Essential Laboratory Skills BI4ELS Module
Essential Skills for Engineering and Applied Science SE0ESE Module
Events Marketing BM2283 Module
Evidencing Managerial Skill BDC312C Module
Financial management BF227MU Module
Financial Management BF2267 Module
Financial Management BSC102 Module
Foundation Chemistry 1 SE0CE1 Module
Foundation Chemistry II SE0CE2 Module
French Language Skills ab initio II LF2019 Module
Fundamentals of Medicine 2 MS2000 Module
Health Assessment - Practice PHMAH3 Module
Health Assessment - Theory PHMAH2 Module
Health assessment- clinical application PHMAH4 Module
History of Emotions LQ2006 Module
Immunology BC2005 Module
Innovation & Entrepreneurship BD004 Module
International Business Finance BFM171 Module
International Commercial Law and Practice BL3319 Module
International Financial Management BFM299 Module
International Financial Reporting BF2269 Module
International Financial Reporting BF2269MU Module
Internet Law BLM171 Module
Introduction to Accounting and Finance BB0AAF Module
Introduction to Business and Organisations BDC105B_T1_A Module
Introduction to Business Management. SE1IBM Module
Introduction to Data Analysis BB0DTA Module
Introduction to Human Anatomy and Physiology SE0HAP Module
Introduction to Linguistics LE1102 Module
Introduction to Political Economy: Institutions and Rational LP2104 Module
Introduction to the European Union LP1101 Module
Introductory Marketing BB0MKT Module
Judgement and decision-making PY3023 Module
Laboratory Compentency Assessment BI4COM Module
Language Policy and Language Planning LE2108 Module
Law and Business and in the Global Context BLM170 Module
Leadership and Change BHM382 Module
Leadership and Management BB0LAM Module
Legal Challenges: Starting an Innovative Business BLK514 Module
Life and Academic Study in Britain LA1501 Module
LLM in International Commercial Law Business Project BDM175 Module
Making Histories I: Methods theories controversies LQ1002 Module
Making Histories II: Oral and digital methods LQ2002 Module
Managing Responsible Organisations BHM377 Module
Mandarin Chinese Language Skills Ab Initio I LX1005 Module
Mandarin Chinese Language Skills Ab Initio II LX2001 Module
Marketing BMC313 Module
Marketing BMC106 Module
Marketing BMC206C Module
Mathematics for Economics BS1111 Module
Mathematics for Physics and Engineering EE1MPE Module
Mathematics for Transport Planners DT1MTP Module
Measuring and Enhancing Financial Performance BPG122B Module
Measuring and Enhancing Financial Performance BFM255 Module
Measuring and Enhancing Financial Performance BFM253 Module
Mechanical Engineering Associated Studies SE0MAA Module
Mechanical Science 1 SE0ME1 Module
Mechanical Science 2 SE0ME2 Module
Molecular Biology BC2006 Module
MPharm Stage 1 PH1419 Module
MPhys Final Year Project AP4FYP Module
MSc Business & Management Business Project BDM164 Module
MSc Business Analytics Business Project BDM163 Module
MSc Business Economics & Finance Business Project BDM165 Module
MSc Dissertation BEE141 Module
MSc Entrepreneurship Business Project BDM167 Module
MSc Finance Business Project BDM168 Module
MSc Human Resource Management Business Project BDM176 Module
MSc Information Systems & Business Analysis Business Project BDM170 Module
MSc International Accounting & Finance Business Project BDM172 Module
MSc International Business Business Project BDM173 Module
MSc Investment Analysis Business Project BDM174 Module
MSc Strategic Marketing Management Business Project BDM177 Module
MSc Strategy & International Business Business Project BDM178 Module
MSc Work Psychology & Business Business Project BDM181 Module
Multilingual Specialised Translation LIM102 Module
Network Science AM40NS Module
Optoelectronics AP4OEL Module
Organisational Behaviour BEE373 Module
Organisational Behaviour BHM373 Module
Organisational Development BHM380 Module
Organising for Social Justice LK2038 Module
People and World Organisations BHM357A Module
Physical Principles EE1PHP Module
Physical Principles for EECS EE1PPC Module
Physical Science and Engineering Foundation 1 SE0PS1 Module
Physical Science and Engineering Foundation 2 SE0PS2 Module
Postgraduate Research Skills BI4PRS Module
Probabilistic Modelling AM40PB Module
Process design CE2002MU Module
Process Simulation CE2105MU Module
Professional Skills SE0PRF Module
Protein Structure and Function BC2007 Module
Psychology and Work BH2276 Module
Psychology of Language and Communication LE2119 Module
Quantitative Methods for Finance BFM114A Module
Quantum computing AM30QU Module
Research Competency Assessment BI4RCA Module
Research Project AM40PR Module
Research Project BI4PRO Module
Research Project BI4RES Module
Security Studies: Theories and Issues LP2111 Module
Security Thinking and Fundamentals CS11SF Module
Senses and Perception LHS0SP Module
Software Analytics BNM864 Module
Software for Analytics BNK464 Module
Specialist Research Skills and Techniques AM4101 Module
Sports Economics and Finance BS2294 Module
Sports Marketing BM2209 Module
Statistical Machine Learning AM40ML Module
Stem Cell Biology and Cellular Differentiation BI4SCB Module
Strategic Finance BS2214 Module
Strategic Human Resource Management in a Global Context BHM378 Module
Strategic Management BSM949 Module
Strategic Management Accounting BFK503 Module
Strategic Management Accounting BFK504 Module
TEST2017 - Test Module(TEST2017) 2017_TEST17 Module
The Aston Edge BPG120 Module
The Atlantic World: Slavery and Emancipation LQ2005 Module
The Management Project BDC311 Module
The Theory and Practice of English Language Teaching LEM120 Module
The Translation Industry: Theoretical and Practical Perspectives 1 LIM106 Module
The Translation Industry: Theoretical and Practical Perspectives II LIM107 Module
The World Beyond Europe Since 1800 LQ2001 Module
The World of Modern Politics LSS0WP Module
Theory and Practice of English Language Teaching LEM119 Module
Tissue Regeneration BI4REG Module
Transfer Processes CE2004MU Module
Translation Technology I: CAT Tools and Localisation LIM109 Module
Understanding Data AM40UD Module
Understanding Foreign Policy LP3126 Module
Visual Analytics DS40VA Module
Visual Perception and Illusions PY3024 Module
Writing and Ideology LE2114 Module
Written Text Analysis LE2116 Module

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